x-wing knife holder

X-wing Knife Holder

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Tired of your kitchen not having enough Star Wars paraphernalia or puns in it? Well, that’s because you’ve been looking in Alderaan places, because this X-wing Knife Holder can fix that first problem, and my poor attempt at jokes might fix that second one.

While the X-wing knife holder is not a perfect replica, what it lacks in appearance it makes up for in functionality, because it actually holds 5 knives without looking completely ridiculous. Honestly, you must be a pretty big nerf herder if you don’t want this in your kitchen.

The X-wing knife holder is made from chrome-effect plastic and comes with the following 5 stainless steel knives:

• Cook’s knife: 8″ (200mm)
• Bread knife: 8″ (198mm)
• Carving Knife: 8″ (225mm)
• Utility knife: 4.75″ (122mm)
• Paring knife: 3.5″ (85mm)

It’s also an officially licensed Star Wars product, if your into that kind of thing.