watermelon tap

Watermelon Tap Kit

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Watermelons: natural water coolers. Large, round, and (kind of) insulated, they’re essentially Mother Nature’s keg. So why not put a tap in one? Well, now you can with this Watermelon Tap Kit. Turn heads at your next backyard BBQ or picnic by turning an ordinary watermelon into a beautiful, natural, and decorative keg.

Now, don’t be deceived, you can’t just drink the water out of the watermelon with this tap kit. This isn’t just a spigot you stab into the fruit to siphon off its delicious essence into your goblet. Rather, you have to go through some work, like hollowing out the watermelon and filling it with your beverage of choice. But it still makes for an awesome, unique, and refreshing way to supply drinks at your next gathering.