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Toilet Illuminating Strips

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Let’s face it, men. We’ve all been there. You wake up in the middle of the night and immediately regret that extra glass of water because now you really have to pee. That’s when the debate begins: Can you hold it until morning, or do you risk turning your bed into the next great lake?  Eventually, though, you’ll get the will power to get out of bed to relieve your waters. That’s when the real games begin. It’s dark, you’re tired and, well, your aim gets a little off.  Turning on the lights only results in burning your eyeballs with what seems like the light of a noonday sun, so that’s a no go. So you take aim in the dark in what you assume to be the general direction of the toilet and hope for the best.

Thanks to these glow-in-the-dark toilet illuminating adhesive strips, you won’t have to worry about that painful process anymore. Simply attach them to the inner rim of the bowl and they emit a soft, green glow when the lights go out.  They don’t require batteries, and during the day the strips are white and inconspicuous while they recharge their magic powers. They also work to indicate if the lid is up or down, so now no one falls in when it’s dark.