snorlax bed
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Snorlax Bed

$288 | Etsy→

Question: if you’re a female and you walk into the bedroom of a fully grown, single, 20-something man and find this is that going to be a turn on or turn off? Answer: DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE THIS SNORLAX BED IS AWESOME. I fully want this in my bedroom, and I don’t care what you think.

Actually, I’m not sure what to classify this as. The Snorlax bed is supposed to be full of cotton, so it’s probably not the best bed for sleeping on. So does that make it the cutest bean bag chair of all time, or a LIFE-SIZE SNORLAX STUFFED ANIMAL? Both of those options sound pretty freaking awesome.

The Snorlax (dubbed the “Monster Bed” since it’s not officially licensed) doesn’t come pre-stuffed, however. Since the Snorlax bed is shipping from Korea, it would be too costly to send it prefilled, so you’ll have to fill it with cotton yourself.

*Tiny Asian child not included.