metal that melts in your hand

Metal That Melts in Your Hand

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If you’ve ever seen any significant amount of the metal mercury before then you’ve probably felt the inexplicable desire to play with it. That cool, glistening material that simultaneously is a liquid and metal just begs to be touched. Too bad that miracle metal wants to straight up murder you with its super poisonous properties.

Fortunately, man took the reins on nature and said nay, producing the awesome metal called gallium- a metal that melts in your hand AND is safe to play with. While it doesn’t occur naturally in nature, man found a way to extract gallium’s pure awesomeness from the cosmos into a solid form for nothing less than our pure enjoyment. And also because it’s really useful in electronic components and pharmaceuticals. That’s right, this metal is so non-toxic we use in medicine.  That being said, you probably shouldn’t consume anything that could one day be used to create a real life T-1000 Terminator.

Maybe it’s the desire in me to be Magneto, but I can’t get over how cool this metal that melts in your hand called gallium actually is. While it’s a solid metal normally, gallium melts at 85.57 °F, meaning it will melt in your hand in a few minutes leaving behind a metallic, silver ooze for you to play with. Leave it alone and it will harden up again into its solid form again, so long as the ambient temperature is below 85 °F. Science! You can get it in various quantities and amounts, but the more the better!