Loki’s Helmet Ring

Loki from the Marvel Universe has seen a lot of popularity recently, and it’s created a bit of a paradox. On one hand, he’s basically a mass murderer and supervillain and we’re supposed to hate him. On the other hand, he is arguably one of the best parts about any of the Thor movies. I mean, really, he was pretty great. Any villain is going to seem pretty lackluster after we got a taste of the ol’ Loki.

Regardless of your stance, you can get Loki’s ridiculously over-sized helmet as a ring, whether in support of your favorite villain or because it actually is just a pretty cool ring. And I was serious about the “ridiculously over-sized helmet” part. Have you ever seen a less practical helmet? How many times has he hit those horns on the door frame? And how much does that thing weigh? Apparently looking awesome was the most important factor there.