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Lambda: Ruby-tipped Top

$75.00 | Kickstarter→

The Lambda name is derived from the Greek letter “L” which is the physics symbol for angular momentum; the Newtonian principle that keeps a top from falling over. The top is lathe cut from aluminum and brass and sports something very different from other tops: a ruby tip. You heard that right, a ruby-tipped spinning top. The near perfect sphere of the ruby offers a minimal contact point, providing it with a smoother, finer surface for a superior spin. And by superior spin I mean this little top will spin well past the point of entertainment and into the realm of “Holy $*&!, is that thing still going?” I mean, just take a look at this video:

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

This top spins so smooth and clean it looks like its standing still, defying the laws of gravity. The creator, Jason Hui, had this to say about the innovation process in creating the top: “One afternoon I had a few hours to play around on the lathe. I had no plan, I was just cutting a top free-hand on the lathe. No measurements, no design drawings. Instead of cutting a cone for the tip, I dug around in an old project box and came up with a ruby sphere I bought for another job. The first time I spun the top it was obvious that I created something totally different in performance and physics from anything I had seen before.”

This is truly a unique toy. Check out his Kickstarter page for details on how to get your own Lambda top, and also for some more sciency stuff about why this top beats the stuffing out of other tops. There’s also a video there of this thing spinning for a solid 10 minutes!