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Giant Robot Slippers

$29.99 | ThinkGeek→

Ever since I was a child it’s been my life’s goal to be a robot. Yes, one day I will replace all my squishy human parts for the cold relentlessness that is machine. Until that day, I’ll just wear these Giant Robot Slippers! Complete with a Vrrrrrr-clank Vrrrrrr-clank sound with every step, your friends will for sure think you’re a Terminator. Or, at least like, Megaman.

Comically large, They’re designed to fit most adult humans and annoy the heck out of all adult humans. Intended to fit up to a men’s size 12, you smaller footed humans might have some problems wearing them, so check out the ThinkGeek site to be sure you’ll fit.

Yeah, these Giant Robot Slippers are just temporary place holders until I get my real robot legs… someday… someday.