Dog Thought Translator

After seeing the movie “Up”, all I’ve ever wanted was to know what my dog was saying (and to try to float my house with balloons). Too often I’ve watched my dog stare at me while I eat steak and try to fathom what she could possibly want. Thanks to science, my dreams are coming true. Enter No More Woof, the creator of the first device to translate dog thoughts into human words. It has the added bonus of making your dog look like a cyborg call-center operator, too.

It utilizes the latest technologies, including an EEG reader, to make little Fido feel like a true member of the family.Not only will you be able to hear what your dog is thinking, but you can choose from a variety of voices to find the one that matches your dogs personality best. While it’s still just a work in progress, soon enough you’ll be able to have semi-intelligent conversations with your dog, that end abruptly in the word “Squirrel!”