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Anti-kidnap Watch Band

$20.00 | Gearward→

This is probably a good gift for the international super spy in the family. Or that really paranoid uncle you have. Intended as an anti-kidnapping device, the watch band includes a ceramic razor, polymer handcuff key, and Kevlar friction saw. All these items can be discreetly stored in the watch band, allowing easy access in the event of a kidnapping where your hands might be secured behind your back. It allows (albeit with some practice) the user to escape from zip ties, duct tape, and even handcuffs.

I’m not sure your actual odds of being kidnapped, but if you’re going to visit any of these countries, you may want to make sure you get your hands on this watch band. Also, you may want to check out this guide (complete with illustrations!). Or, really, you can just get it to make yourself feel like a total BA.

Check it out for more pics and how-tos!